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22 Jan 2017
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“New Year, New You”: it’s the cliche you hear every January 1st, but it makes perfect sense: you are entering a new year, and what better way to leave a rut behind than start new routines and make new goals for yourself at the beginning of the year? Some cliches are around for a reason!

Look good, feel good.Of course, almost everyone’s go-to New Year’s resolution, year after year, is to become healthier and more fit. Signing up for a workout class is on your to-do list, right? Pure Barre 30A is a well known workout class for you to groove to the music and achieve your dream body. It is located in Santa Rosa Beach and offers a number of classes just for your needs. If workout classes aren’t up your alley, 30A has miles of beaches for brisk walks or jogs, or bring out your yoga mat and meditate with the sounds of the ocean. Just get moving!

Make 30A your destination getaway this year. Whether you are a homeowner on 30A or just a frequent visitor, make time for yourself, friends and family this year at the beach. Set aside a week or weekend to soak up the 30A sun, relax, eat delicious food to take a break from your hectic life.  To make things easier, 30A Cottages and Concierge has a variety of beach front homes, condos and great neighborhood homes for you to choose from.

Lastly, enjoy the little things this year. We get so wrapped up in major events, work, school, family and stressful times, but when you stop to appreciate the little things, you’ll realize life isn’t so bad! Things that may be a part of your everyday routine, such as walking barefoot along the beach and dipping your toes into the ocean, or beginning and ending your day with the sound of the ocean breeze from your front porch should be appreciated more often. Instead of waiting for big things to come, try a little “beach mindfulness” and enjoy what you have now.