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19 Sep 2016
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30A Water Activities

Even though all your 30A beach vacation needs is sand, surf, sun, and a drink with a little umbrella in it, there’s no harm in kicking it up a notch by taking advantage of the multitude of the other amazing 30A water activities available such as tours to little-known aquatic hideaways, rentals, and special classes to try new interests and skills and to explore new passions.

When it comes to water activities on 30A beaches, there are more ways than you think to enjoy the water with or without getting your feet wet. Certainly, lounging in a beachside Adirondack chair at sunrise and frolicking in the waves at sunset should be on your to-do list, but you should also take the plunge in exploring and discovering the other water activities on 30A.

Book a Canoeing, Kayaking, or SUP Tour

Guided tours are fun ways to conveniently see the area while also learning new things. For example, on a kayak tour of the two coastal dune lakes, you’re sure to learn that Coastal Dune Lakes are a rare phenomenon; only a few places in the world like Madagascar, New Zealand, and Australia have them in addition to Fort Walton Beach. Imagine what else a tour has in store.

Explore 30A to Cypress Springs

Discover the best kayaking trails of 30A as you paddle the crystal-clear cold spring waters through the “Fountain of Youth” on a daylong Cypress Springs tour. Not only will you see some of the most beautiful secret sites of coastal Florida, you’ll also learn about local wildlife and power around on an underwater scooter once at the spring.

Fish the Gulf or Choctawhatchee Bay

A fishing excursion to the Gulf or inshore on Choctawhatchee Bay is one of the most exciting ways to make lasting memories on the waters of 30A. Let the touring company handle the details; all you have to focus on is reeling in a great time.

Take a SUP Tour at Sunset

Stand Up Paddleboarding or YOLO boarding is a fun way to get up close and personal on the water without actually getting in the water. Take a SUP tour where you paddle from the lagoon at Grayton Beach to the calm waters of Choctawhatchee Bay. Enjoy photos, dolphin viewing, and even Happy Hour at The Bay Restaurant (if conditions are right) on an unforgettable, picturesque tour.

Get a Close-Up View of the Rare Coastal Dune Lakes

If seeing the coastal dune lakes from a new point of view is a bucket-list item of yours, then make sure you book a YOLO Board or kayak tour of the rare coastal dune lakes.

Explore 30A on a Boat

Try another approach to getting on the water without getting in; book a dolphin cruise or an airboat tour to see waterfront wildlife in a differ way. A three-hour dolphin cruise around the Gulf of Mexico makes for a thrilling sightseeing adventure while the ambiance of a private sunrise or sunset airboat tour can’t be beat.

You can also book a tour of some of the lesser-seen aquatic sites of Florida. Take a motorboat tour with a knowledgeable local and discover the Choctawhatchee River as well as the freshwater swimming hole, River Run Spring.

Get a Rental & DIY Your Adventure

Obviously, sometimes it’s more fun to DIY adventure and to explore for yourself. Needless to say, if you want it, you can rent it. Rent any one of the following to make the most of your 30A water adventure:


Paddle or YOLO board


Surf board


Jet ski


Pontoon boat


Canoe or kayak


Underwater scooter

Take a Class & Learn Something New

Another way to make the most of your trip to 30A is by learning something new. There are lots of classes for various water activities available that will turn you from novice into knowing something (and maybe even an expert) in a few fun, short hours. 


Buy yourself some private time by registering the kids to take a surf camp at Seagrove Beach


Unleash your inner watersports enthusiast; enroll in single, half or full day, or longer lessons and learn to water ski and wakeboard on a private lake expressly designed for water skiing.


While you’re technically not in the water, you’re using the water, so it counts. One of the most popular ways to spend your time near the water on 30A is to take a sand sculpting lesson; it’s family fun like you’ve never experienced.

When you take a camp or a class, you might uncover a hidden talent or passion; when you take a tour or get on the water in a different kind of vehicle, you might discover a new interest. Exploring 30A through the various water activities doesn’t just offer a to-do list; it offers a new way to experience the water on 30A and to live through nature.

Ready to have an adventure through 30A’s water activities? When you’re our guest, our concierge service will happily help you book tours perfect for your group’s needs. Contact us to book your cottage rental and to experience the aquatic joys of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.


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