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13 Nov 2016
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You shouldn’t have any guilt eating that extra bite of turkey, mashed potatoes or pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. It’ll all be well worth it. Now, you are probably wondering where this guilt is going to vanish because second helpings of that Thanksgiving meal always seems like a good idea until the food coma strikes. The 5th Annual 30A 10K on Thanksgiving morning is your guilt-free answer! All of the proceeds from the race are donated to selected charity partners.

If you are an experienced runner or want to experience that runner’s high, sign up for the 30A 10K. It may help give your belly some extra room for more stuffing and cranberries. The 10K race begins at 7:30am, just enough time to break in your new running shoes, run 6.2 miles and take a cat nap before the big feast. Here are a few tips to help you before and during your race:

1. Training, Training And More Training

While you may think running is easy or next to impossible, training before the race will get you in tip-top shape before you toe the line on race day. Your body will thank you before, during and after you complete the 10K. Building your endurance is the most important aspect of training to complete a long distance running.

2. Stay Healthy. Eat Healthy

It’s hard to think about eating healthy when a huge Thanksgiving meal is on your brain, but eating healthy and staying hydrated will benefit you throughout the entire race. As you’ve been told your entire life, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this is rule number 1, morning of! Focus on good nutrients and minerals to get your body and mind ready!

3. Music Makes The World Go Round

Music also makes the time go by faster. If you can sing the words to every song you add to your running playlist, you’ll cross the finish line in no time without missing a beat. 30A Radio is sure to have a great, upbeat playlist going, or create your own to keep your mind off the long distance. Just don’t forget your headphones!

4. Run With A Friend or Family

Everything is easier when you have motivation and support by your side. Have a friend, significant other, or family member run the race with you. You can cheer each other on the entire way. Nothing is better than crossing the finish line with a buddy next to you.

5. Dress Ready To Run

Running a 10K gives you the perfect excuse to buy those new shoes you’ve wanted, and those running shorts you were admiring online. Wearing the appropriate clothes during your race will make all the difference. Make sure your shoes are tied and you are dressed for the weather.

6. Have fun!

Last but certainly not least, enjoy your run. While it may get exhausting, running a 10K is a huge accomplishment. As soon as you finish, just remember, a delicious Thanksgiving meal will be waiting for you to gobble down.

Register here for the 30A 10K Thanksgiving Race. It’s $75 per individual. You may pick up your race packet at WaterSound Origins Village Commons on November 26th from 12-7pm.