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16 Oct 2016
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The summer heat is beginning to die down, and the days are growing shorter; but home grown fruits and veggies don’t mind, and you shouldn’t either! With Fall and Winter approaching, the Seaside Farmer’s Market will now be open only on Saturday’s from 9:00am-1:00pm, rain or shine! Buying fresh produce and food makes you happy and healthy. Now is your chance to be on the other side of the shopping booth: you can become a vendor!

Becoming a Seaside Farmers Market vendor takes a few steps of approval, but pays off in a lot of fun and healthy positivity. There are specific requirements that you, as the vendor, must meet. Before you set up shop, all of your items must be preapproved by a market manager. You want to make sure everyone visiting the farmers market has a large variety to choose from, therefore, you cannot be in competition with other Seaside Farmers Market vendors. But being original is always more fun!

Once you become a vendor (yay!), you are given a 10x10 space on the main amphitheater lawn in the heart of Seaside. Because the Seaside Farmers Market is here to help save the planet’s resources, it is asked that paper products used are sustainable and that no Styrofoam is used whatsoever. There is no initial cost to become a vendor, although small donations are welcomed to help cover market costs.

Overall, the Seaside Farmers Market Vendors want customers to be able to make personal connections with you as the vendor, and where their food comes from. Bringing awareness to the community and all of Seaside’s surrounding communities will continue to help fix the broken food system. Vendors will always be 100 percent honest with the growth process of their foods, produce, breads and cheeses so your customers will leave educated on where and who grew their food.