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8 Aug 2014
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Seaside seems like the sort of town that only exists in old TV shows. There's a post office (it's picture perfect), a town square complete with shops and a small wooden chapel (also picture perfect.) Throw in friendly neighbors, fellow vacationers riding their bikes along the beach, and some vintage airstream food trucks and you'll start to get the picture. The whole place is perfect.

Founded in 1979 by Robert and Daryl Davis as a design-oriented planned-community, Seaside has grown into a Summer tradition for families throughout the American South. Each of Seaside’s north-south streets terminate at one of nine distinct pavilions. In addition to providing beach access, the pavilions serve as communal areas, where families can meet and gather before an evening beach stroll.

One of Seaside's iconic Honeymoon Cottages, Beachside #12, embodies the best elements of Seasides architectural philosophy. This classic cottage, originally designed by award-winning architect Scott Merrill, features clean simple lines throughout, and the amazing gulf views make it perfect for a romantic getaway. The cottage has previously been featured in Veranda, Coastal Living and Portico magazines, and we're offering a 10% discount on normal rental rates if you book before the end of the year. Feel free to contact us for more details.