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6 Aug 2018
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Enjoy one of the best seafood experiences 30A has to offer at Pescado Seafood Grill and Rooftop Bar in Rosemary Beach! Overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, this fine dining restaurant offers a plethora of gourmet seafood and specialty drinks that are sure to complete your Florida vacation!


Popular Menu Items

Though Pescado’s entire menu is guaranteed to please your taste buds, here are the top-rated appetizers and entrees:


Moroccan-Spiced Lollipop Lamb Chops: This appetizer is the most commonly praised amongst frequent customers, as the “lollipops” are just the right size for a small plate and the taste of the lamb chops is accentuated by saffron couscous and numerous spices.

Pepper-Seared Tuna and Blue Crab: This entree is a member of the Raw Bar, complete with guajillo aioli for a spicy accent and avocado mash to mellow it out.

Steak Tartare: Also part of the Raw Bar, this entree features special items like shallots, quail egg, and caper berries that are sure to appease your palate.

Pork Milanese: Enjoy this special flavored pork with notes of sage, parmesan, tomato, arugula, and more!

Paella Valenciana: Get your protein fill with this paella special! It’s made with mussels, clams, chicken, sausage, and more along with calasparra rice!

Specialty Cocktails

Pescado’s bar is available to guests until 11pm daily, giving you an ample amount of time to enjoy a few of their original cocktails.

Endless Summer: Complement your meal with a light cocktail made with Endless Summer Blanc, lemon, and Prosecco.

Rekindled Spirit: End your night on a colorful note with this flavor-packed drink, consisting of Tequila Arette Blanco, Curaçao, and cherry absinthe.

Pineapple Express: What’s a better drink for a tropical vacation than a tropical cocktail? Try Pescado’s very own Pineapple Express, comprised of Stolichnaya, yellow chartreuse, and pineapple flavoring.


From beaches, to cottages, to fine dining, 30A doesn’t disappoint. Perfect for a lunch date or dinner after a day of hitting the town, a one-of-a-kind meal at Pescado’s will surely enhance your stay at Rosemary Beach! Complete your vacation in this beautiful area by booking a stay with us at 30A Cottages and Concierge. Our luxurious rentals are located in close proximity to many of the area’s best attractions. Contact us today to start planning an unforgettable trip!