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6 Aug 2018
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Planning a Florida beach vacation is always exciting; however, there are some cautions to be considered to keep you and your family safe during your stay. Beach conditions vary between seasons, months, days, even hours, and are often unpredictable. We have collected multiple resources and helpful tips for you to consult in order to ensure your safety through the entirety of your trip to 30A.


30A has multiple websites, including,, and that display live weather conditions via weather reports. These websites even offer real-time cameras so you can monitor the conditions before you decide to catch a wave or two. They display weather messages immediately upon visiting, making it easy for you to decide whether or not it’s safe to visit the beach at the time you are planning. Most importantly, keep an eye out for the flag colors indicating the level of danger on the beach: 

Green- Lowest level of danger, waves are at lowest intensity.

Yellow- Moderate wave intensity.

Red- High level surf conditions and current.

Double Red- Water is closed to public.

In the case of serious weather conditions, here are some key things to remember:

High tide: High tide is a daily occurrence in The Gulf, and although it’s the optimal time for watersports, the more intense waves could potentially put weaker swimmers and small children at risk, as they are likely to exceed the height of a 3-story building. You can check local weather resources to find out about the tide at the specific time of your beach trip.
Thunderstorms: Evacuate the beach immediately when a storm rolls in, as lightning is frequent and can be deadly if it strikes anywhere near beach-goers.
Hurricanes: Stay inside and away from windows and glass doors, preferably in a lower level room or facility. In the case of flooding during a hurricane, turn off electricity at the main breaker to avoid electrocution or long-term electric damage. Most importantly, do not go outside even if the weather seems to have calmed, as winds are likely to pick up, and flying debris is incredibly dangerous.

30A Cottages and Concierge is dedicated to providing the most fun and relaxing vacation you can imagine, and most importantly, ensuring your safety by keeping you informed and updated on your local weather and beach conditions. In the case of severe weather conditions, 30A still has a multitude of fun activities made available! Check out some annual 30A events for a fun alternative to a beach day! Stay safe out there!